17 October 2013

The Semester So Far

Alright, I solemnly swear to not let this blog go this long without updating again... this semester has been such a whirlwind!  DFA has been super fun, super busy, but I've enjoyed it!   Our first assignment required creating characters from abstract doodles, textures, silhouettes, and combining certain adjectives together.
(This was made using the silhouette that my friend Charlie made)

This was made from an abstract doodle

This character's silhouette and texture is based on an oil spill I found on the ground...

and this one was made combining the prompts "lion" and "art nouveau".  

After that, we focused on caricatures!  

I started by compiling photos of myself and the goal of what I was trying to achieve, as well as some quick exploratory sketches of the face design.  After some feedback from the class, I progressed to refining my muppet sketches of myself and even went back to just caricaturing myself normally to see what I picked out or deemed as important.

and here is the final lipsync design rendered!  Expect it to be modeled and textured next semester.  There are some things I'm still not completely happy with, but I do feel that I improved greatly with it.

As a fun bonus, our teacher said we could caricature ourself as an animal... I picked a giraffe.  After the exploratory sketches, I focused on really refining the design. 

After I do some refinements and corrections, I should have some animations to share.  I am also doing production design for some junior films on the side so once I snag the photos, I'll post them up here too.

Happy Thursday--
Carla Lutz

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