15 August 2013

Long time no blog

So!  It's been quite a while since I've posted.  I left CDA two weeks early due to a death in the family after a car accident.  It was hard to deal with it out in California and I needed to be with my family.  Since being home I've been working on gathering everything for the service and our family is moving into a different house, so i've been loads busy!  Here are some things I made before I came home though:

For my environment class, I decided to paint a key moment in the story of the BFG, since I was designing those characters for character design.  Here was my rough cast layout:
 And some character variations for Sophie:

All of them still require some refining and I have lots more to show when I finish!  Since being home, I've been doing more mastercopies and have done some digital painting blurbs:

I also have a tumblr now, so if you're on that, follow me there!  I'll continue to update both.  :)

Until then, I'll see everyone at school in a couple of days!

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