30 July 2013


Currently am writing a story about a character called Norma for my story class at CDA, which is one of my favorite classes!  It's so much fun and my teacher is so encouraging and motivating; I can really see my improvement!  I've been doing mastercopy after mastercopy to try and improve my drawing and my short hand.... I'm still not where I want to be but my pencil mileage is definitely increasing!  Here are some character explorations I did to get me in the hand of exploring what my character was like.

26 July 2013

A Different Direction

My teacher wanted us to try to do a card in the style of Magic the Gathering... I gave it my best shot!  I wish the colors were a little better, but alas, time....

08 July 2013

sketchin' away

On Saturday, MJ and I headed over to Long Beach to meet up with an old flickr friend I had.  The trip took us 6 hours in public transit there and back....lots of time for sketching!  I apologize that these are just photos, finding a scanner here is a little more difficult than I was hoping...

(I should have more to show for myself but we were really concerned for a while that we were going to miss our stops.)  

When I met up with my flickr friend Jill, she suggested that I shouldn't give up photography since it was such a big part of my life.  So, I present to you: iphonography.

Hope everyone's summer is going fabulous.