03 March 2013

Lights! Camera! Texturing!

Woo!  We have just finished up the first adventures with lighting, texturing, and compositing!  I had a lot of fun with these projects!

All of the models unless stated are provided by Ringling College.  Lighting, texturing, compositing is all done by myself using Maya, Photoshop, Renderman, and Nuke.

First, the cemetery:

Still Life:

This one was a toughie: I was really struggling with it when we turned in our semi-final (above).  I was unhappy with how 'fake' it looked, the composition wasn't interesting, it just wasn't up to the standards I expected for myself.  So, I did a major revamp and put in about 10 more hours or so to make something I think looks a little better.  I'm still not completely happy with it and I think it could use a lot more fine tuning, but sometimes you need to just let it be.

I even practiced my modeling by making the picnic basket for this.  

Have a very jolly day!

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