08 November 2013

Space Ranger

Finished up our VALUEables project in DFA.  Had a lot of fun with this, and it was definitely something I'm not used to doing!  Can't wait to do better on the next painting.

We started out with rough abstract thumbnails, selected 5 of those and created rough thumbnails, and then picked one to render for the final.  I do kind of like my other rough thumbnails so I might try to make them into finished pieces on my own time though...

Have a great weekend everyone, after such a stressful week, we deserve it!

17 October 2013

The Semester So Far

Alright, I solemnly swear to not let this blog go this long without updating again... this semester has been such a whirlwind!  DFA has been super fun, super busy, but I've enjoyed it!   Our first assignment required creating characters from abstract doodles, textures, silhouettes, and combining certain adjectives together.
(This was made using the silhouette that my friend Charlie made)

This was made from an abstract doodle

This character's silhouette and texture is based on an oil spill I found on the ground...

and this one was made combining the prompts "lion" and "art nouveau".  

After that, we focused on caricatures!  

I started by compiling photos of myself and the goal of what I was trying to achieve, as well as some quick exploratory sketches of the face design.  After some feedback from the class, I progressed to refining my muppet sketches of myself and even went back to just caricaturing myself normally to see what I picked out or deemed as important.

and here is the final lipsync design rendered!  Expect it to be modeled and textured next semester.  There are some things I'm still not completely happy with, but I do feel that I improved greatly with it.

As a fun bonus, our teacher said we could caricature ourself as an animal... I picked a giraffe.  After the exploratory sketches, I focused on really refining the design. 

After I do some refinements and corrections, I should have some animations to share.  I am also doing production design for some junior films on the side so once I snag the photos, I'll post them up here too.

Happy Thursday--
Carla Lutz

15 August 2013

Long time no blog

So!  It's been quite a while since I've posted.  I left CDA two weeks early due to a death in the family after a car accident.  It was hard to deal with it out in California and I needed to be with my family.  Since being home I've been working on gathering everything for the service and our family is moving into a different house, so i've been loads busy!  Here are some things I made before I came home though:

For my environment class, I decided to paint a key moment in the story of the BFG, since I was designing those characters for character design.  Here was my rough cast layout:
 And some character variations for Sophie:

All of them still require some refining and I have lots more to show when I finish!  Since being home, I've been doing more mastercopies and have done some digital painting blurbs:

I also have a tumblr now, so if you're on that, follow me there!  I'll continue to update both.  :)

Until then, I'll see everyone at school in a couple of days!

30 July 2013


Currently am writing a story about a character called Norma for my story class at CDA, which is one of my favorite classes!  It's so much fun and my teacher is so encouraging and motivating; I can really see my improvement!  I've been doing mastercopy after mastercopy to try and improve my drawing and my short hand.... I'm still not where I want to be but my pencil mileage is definitely increasing!  Here are some character explorations I did to get me in the hand of exploring what my character was like.

26 July 2013

A Different Direction

My teacher wanted us to try to do a card in the style of Magic the Gathering... I gave it my best shot!  I wish the colors were a little better, but alas, time....

08 July 2013

sketchin' away

On Saturday, MJ and I headed over to Long Beach to meet up with an old flickr friend I had.  The trip took us 6 hours in public transit there and back....lots of time for sketching!  I apologize that these are just photos, finding a scanner here is a little more difficult than I was hoping...

(I should have more to show for myself but we were really concerned for a while that we were going to miss our stops.)  

When I met up with my flickr friend Jill, she suggested that I shouldn't give up photography since it was such a big part of my life.  So, I present to you: iphonography.

Hope everyone's summer is going fabulous.

25 June 2013

Life in Color

In Environment Class we're starting to make pieces in color!  Super super difficult, but it's nice to no longer be restricted to grayscale!

22 June 2013

California Days!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been a busy little bee!  I'm currently at Concept Design Academy for the summer and i'm learning so much!  I hope that it will let me get to a level so that I can have more confidence in my work.

I am learning so much from my amazing teachers but even more so from my amazing roommates:  Alli Norman, Mary Jane Whiting, Victor Maury, Jarrad (he has no blog, sadly), and our workbuddy Kyle Katterjohn!  Check them out, they're awesome people.  :)

Here are some of my environment design paintings from the first two weeks.

Week 1:  

Week 2:

And just because this post looks so drab with all black and white, here's a quick color study I did for warm up the other day:

 Happy Saturday!  Be sure to get out and explore the world, because it sure is great!

05 June 2013

Where's Waldo

So I disappeared for a while!  Here's what I've been up to:
I traveled 5 hours to southern Illinois where I took some senior photos for some lovely seniors:

After I returned, I worked at the local restaurant where I'm a hostess for as many hours as I could and they offered me the opportunity to design their menu!  I created both a breakfast and dinner menu to them.  I personally like the dinner menu one more because I did it after experimenting with the breakfast one, but it was definitely an interesting learning experience!  I also took the photos for the menu.

and now, I've reached my final stop for the summer, California!  I love it here!  I'll hopefully have some cooler things to share later next week. 

Until next time,
experiment with every art form you can because everything will always teach you a lesson,

11 May 2013

Summer Sketchin'

Summer's finally here!  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining....and my laptop is gone.  Again.  It seems like its becoming a theme of my laptop having something wrong with it right when the end of the year rolls around resulting in me waiting around yearning for IT to set it free and send it back to me.  Oh well, it just means my laptop will have superpowers by the end of the four years....right?

However, I've rediscovered drawing on PAPER and using public things like LIBRARIES to scan and upload things.  So here's what I've been up to:

(it's cool to see how much I have improved, especially looking at this drawing of feet I put in my portfolio for Ringling)

 Some super quick gestures of my grandma's dogs running around.
Attempted some self portraits.

I've been studying anatomy and trying to improve my drawing skills in general.  I have a long way to go!  Also, I've been watching one movie every night that i've been on break to catch up on my lack of movie knowledge.  Hopefully my movie knowledge won't be so shameful by the time summer break is over!

Until next time when I hopefully have a computer I can animate on,