18 December 2012

selfies all around

Hi again, that's me up there, reporting with four less wisdom teeth.  Peas are magical.  They kept down the swelling pretty good and I should be up and running by tomorrow!  

Once most of the swelling had died down, I decided to try my hand at a self portrait from life. I think I'll delve back into this one, there are some drawing problems with it and i'm not completely satisfied with how the painting turned out... but learning, learning, learning always.

Edit: 12-17, tried another selfie tonight.  Still got them chubby cheeks.  Turns out I refuse to sit still.  

16 December 2012

sickness sickness go away...

It's not a winter break without getting sick and lying miserable in bed all day... made this in my sicken/sleepy stupor so I apologize for some of my color choices.

07 December 2012

Simple Poly

Woo!  It's been a hectic last coupl'a weeks but it's over with!  So strange to think that I'm halfway through my sophomore year.... anyways, I've got some updates for you all!

Our last project for CA this semester was simple poly; essentially, an object with legs.  I came up with some quick ideas....

and decided on the last one!  

(the side view is way off I realize...oops)

I modeled, rigged, UV mapped and texture painted this bad boy!  And then I animated it.  1 week for the jump, 1 week for the walk, and 1 week for the turn.  Now you can see why I haven't been around much!   The trifecta is below.  Hope you enjoy it!

On top of everything this week, I decided to redo my primitive theater too...  Always gotta stay busy!