30 November 2012

Keepin' busy...

Some sketchbook updates... Business class presentations make for the perfect atmosphere to do some sketching!
For some reason, I've never been able to draw myself.  Been practicing that lately; I feel so narcissistic having sketchbook pages just dedicated to drawings of me, hehe.

 My good friend Nate and I have had every single class together for what will soon be 3 semesters and somehow have not gotten sick of each other.  Decided to draw myself surrounded my many of the "Nate-isms" I hear daily...  

Had a free night the other day from finishing all of my work early (an rare astonishment in itself!) so I cleaned the apartment and decided to do a quick speed painting before bed.  About 30-45 minutes?  Doing paintings like these just remind me that I have a lot to learn!  Especially about color, light, painting in general.... won't get any better without practice though!

The end of the semester is almost here!  One more week and then I can sleep!  

26 November 2012

Kitchens and Purses, oh my!

Some things I've been working on.... not as finished as I would like to be, so I will probably touch it up later this week.

21 November 2012


For concept class, we're starting a new story.  Here are my character designs for it!

I think I'm going to revisit Death again though.  This is my second revision and I'm still not quite happy with him, especially with the way his hand is holding the sickle.  Expect an updated version of that soon.  Maybe.

Much thanks to my darling friend Audrey, who is a super talented illustrator (check her out!).  She helped me really explore these designs further and contributed a lot to my exploration process.

16 November 2012

old ladies.

semesters been super crazy!  i'll be updating this more soon, I promise!

some character exploration for my concept idea.  the final design to come soon.  :)

happy friday everyone!