23 October 2012

Primitive Theater!

Half the semester has gone by.  Can you believe that?  School has been super hard, but I'm slowly feeling it easing up a bit.  Can't really tell if I just feel like the work is easier to manage, or we're not getting as much.  Maybe it's a bit of both.

Anyways, an assignment we had in CA was to do a piece with primitive characters!  So, it was 5am, and I glanced over at my morning cereal about to admit defeat at not finding a good concept.....and then...this happened.....

Made a super quick sketch of my idea, and then quickly storyboarded it out.

I got to design, model, rig, texture, light, choreograph, animate, etc. etc. etc!  my own character's scene and environment.  Definitely a new experience but super rewarding.  I might go back and touch up on some things when I have some more time at the end of the semester, but for now this is finished.  
Yip yip yipee!


  1. Thanks for the comment Carlala, got me super excited. U gotta show me how to post vids on the blog. I wanna post up my old TA shiiiiit.