23 October 2012

Primitive Theater!

Half the semester has gone by.  Can you believe that?  School has been super hard, but I'm slowly feeling it easing up a bit.  Can't really tell if I just feel like the work is easier to manage, or we're not getting as much.  Maybe it's a bit of both.

Anyways, an assignment we had in CA was to do a piece with primitive characters!  So, it was 5am, and I glanced over at my morning cereal about to admit defeat at not finding a good concept.....and then...this happened.....

Made a super quick sketch of my idea, and then quickly storyboarded it out.

I got to design, model, rig, texture, light, choreograph, animate, etc. etc. etc!  my own character's scene and environment.  Definitely a new experience but super rewarding.  I might go back and touch up on some things when I have some more time at the end of the semester, but for now this is finished.  
Yip yip yipee!

02 October 2012

Summer Sketches

....annnnd it's October!  I've had these scanned for a while but forgot that I never posted them.  Here's just a couple pages from this summer.  I fell in love with watercolor pencils.

I also did a quick color study of the King's Speech.  I feel like I really could've pushed the colors more in this since they're a little washed out.  I want to do more of these though, it was fun to do.

And now for some more recent doodles in my downtime of the labs...

Trying out some new brushes in photoshop.  I used reference from a photo by one of my favorite photographers: Tess Mayer.

 3 Minute Sketch of what I look like while in the labs....