23 April 2012


trying to teach myself color so i've been doing this quick 20 minute color studies from photographs.  I try not to worry about the forms or the actual drawings, but rather replicate the colors that went into them.  The first one is color picked, the second one is not.

(photo by Megan Breukelman of myself)

(photo is my own, taken of my roommate)

I did a study of another photo but I cannot find the source to it.  

Also, I've been wanting to experiment with pastels for a long time, so yesterday after I finished a project I decided to try it.  Cameron taught me his process of using pastels and really mentored me through creating this portrait.  Though I like the results his style achieved, I want to branch out more and see what I can discover on my own.

  Here's my 2am morning beginning to something that I may end up liking.  Sorry for the bad webcam photo.  If I finish this and like it, then I'll scan it.
Used black and white photo reference.

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