30 March 2012

Youcant le Toucan

For Traditional Animation, we had to design a character so that we could do an animal jump.  The animal I got assigned was a Toucan!  I first thought it would be pretty simple, but it ended up being harder than I thought.

The first thing I did was create 100 silhouettes of different variations of characters, poses, etc.

From that, we picked a design and went with it.

That was my preliminary sketch (after much, much revision), and here is the final sheet!

26 March 2012

strangest place i've ever been to....

....was a motorcycle convention in north dakota.  intense stuff.  here is an exaggeration of what actually went down.

value rough

cool and warm versions.

I wasn't really happy with what I did, so I redid it, with the help of my teacher.

quick photoshop value study

the redid piece.  I am not 100% satisfied, but it's definitely an improvement.

the warm and cool versions.  I accidentally applied the acrylic glaze a little thick, but.....that's how you learn!

20 March 2012


some pages from a couple weeks ago and beyond.  i'm still playing around with different styles, trying to see what works and what doesn't.

18 March 2012

live model project

for 3D, my class had a live model that did a series of 6 gestures.  we chose one and would have to sculpt the gesture rapidly as we got 20-40  minutes of it at a time.  while the model was doing other gestures, I tried to capture the other aspects of the model but..... I can't say I'm too happy with how this turned out.

"I vant one beeeeeeellion dollas"

Sometimes I like to caption my sculptures so that their sad short life is more enjoyable.