23 February 2012


We had to do an escorche model for class of all the muscles.  I probably could have worked on this for 10 more hours, but I got what I needed to out of the project; I understand all of the muscles, where they are places, which ones are raised, how they overlap...it's such a cool feeling to be drawing and know where every single one goes!

And here are some details:

21 February 2012

go figure

Like it? Like it?  It's punny!  Anyways, here are some recent figures i've done, from oldest to newest.

We focused on doing sequentials for a while...the first were more narrative, while the second set was focused on building the figure out of volumes.  I'm not too proud of these and have been struggling with gestures recently, but i'm workin' at it!

We just ended the project where we've been doing hour long poses then doing shorter poses to push the pose.  Here's from the first day:

1 hour, then 20 minutes

1 hour, then sequence of time decreasing from left to right, top to bottom

We warmed up with some 30 second gestures which I have not done in foreeever, so it was nice to do some again!

03 February 2012


For 3D Design, we have been working with wire.  Our first project was creating a series of wire gestures to tell an action.  I decided to do someone picking up a flower, discovering a bee in it, and taking cover.  The requirements of the project required us to use one piece of wire for the entire gesture and it had to stand on its own.  

 For homework, we had to create a wire skeleton.  Other than the ribs, every bone structure was modeled to be pretty much anatomically correct, or at least resemble correctness.


01 February 2012

CA Figure

I started Figure Drawing for CA this semester and I am loving it.  The hard thing about it is that we are taught to now exaggerate and pretty much change our thought process from everything we were taught last semester...  It's been difficult and I haven't been happy with my drawings as of late and I feel as if my gestures have taken a step back, but I know I might just need to get worse before I can get better.


20 minute poses (with process on side)

40 minute pose