18 December 2012

selfies all around

Hi again, that's me up there, reporting with four less wisdom teeth.  Peas are magical.  They kept down the swelling pretty good and I should be up and running by tomorrow!  

Once most of the swelling had died down, I decided to try my hand at a self portrait from life. I think I'll delve back into this one, there are some drawing problems with it and i'm not completely satisfied with how the painting turned out... but learning, learning, learning always.

Edit: 12-17, tried another selfie tonight.  Still got them chubby cheeks.  Turns out I refuse to sit still.  

16 December 2012

sickness sickness go away...

It's not a winter break without getting sick and lying miserable in bed all day... made this in my sicken/sleepy stupor so I apologize for some of my color choices.

07 December 2012

Simple Poly

Woo!  It's been a hectic last coupl'a weeks but it's over with!  So strange to think that I'm halfway through my sophomore year.... anyways, I've got some updates for you all!

Our last project for CA this semester was simple poly; essentially, an object with legs.  I came up with some quick ideas....

and decided on the last one!  

(the side view is way off I realize...oops)

I modeled, rigged, UV mapped and texture painted this bad boy!  And then I animated it.  1 week for the jump, 1 week for the walk, and 1 week for the turn.  Now you can see why I haven't been around much!   The trifecta is below.  Hope you enjoy it!

On top of everything this week, I decided to redo my primitive theater too...  Always gotta stay busy!

30 November 2012

Keepin' busy...

Some sketchbook updates... Business class presentations make for the perfect atmosphere to do some sketching!
For some reason, I've never been able to draw myself.  Been practicing that lately; I feel so narcissistic having sketchbook pages just dedicated to drawings of me, hehe.

 My good friend Nate and I have had every single class together for what will soon be 3 semesters and somehow have not gotten sick of each other.  Decided to draw myself surrounded my many of the "Nate-isms" I hear daily...  

Had a free night the other day from finishing all of my work early (an rare astonishment in itself!) so I cleaned the apartment and decided to do a quick speed painting before bed.  About 30-45 minutes?  Doing paintings like these just remind me that I have a lot to learn!  Especially about color, light, painting in general.... won't get any better without practice though!

The end of the semester is almost here!  One more week and then I can sleep!  

26 November 2012

Kitchens and Purses, oh my!

Some things I've been working on.... not as finished as I would like to be, so I will probably touch it up later this week.

21 November 2012


For concept class, we're starting a new story.  Here are my character designs for it!

I think I'm going to revisit Death again though.  This is my second revision and I'm still not quite happy with him, especially with the way his hand is holding the sickle.  Expect an updated version of that soon.  Maybe.

Much thanks to my darling friend Audrey, who is a super talented illustrator (check her out!).  She helped me really explore these designs further and contributed a lot to my exploration process.

16 November 2012

old ladies.

semesters been super crazy!  i'll be updating this more soon, I promise!

some character exploration for my concept idea.  the final design to come soon.  :)

happy friday everyone!

23 October 2012

Primitive Theater!

Half the semester has gone by.  Can you believe that?  School has been super hard, but I'm slowly feeling it easing up a bit.  Can't really tell if I just feel like the work is easier to manage, or we're not getting as much.  Maybe it's a bit of both.

Anyways, an assignment we had in CA was to do a piece with primitive characters!  So, it was 5am, and I glanced over at my morning cereal about to admit defeat at not finding a good concept.....and then...this happened.....

Made a super quick sketch of my idea, and then quickly storyboarded it out.

I got to design, model, rig, texture, light, choreograph, animate, etc. etc. etc!  my own character's scene and environment.  Definitely a new experience but super rewarding.  I might go back and touch up on some things when I have some more time at the end of the semester, but for now this is finished.  
Yip yip yipee!

02 October 2012

Summer Sketches

....annnnd it's October!  I've had these scanned for a while but forgot that I never posted them.  Here's just a couple pages from this summer.  I fell in love with watercolor pencils.

I also did a quick color study of the King's Speech.  I feel like I really could've pushed the colors more in this since they're a little washed out.  I want to do more of these though, it was fun to do.

And now for some more recent doodles in my downtime of the labs...

Trying out some new brushes in photoshop.  I used reference from a photo by one of my favorite photographers: Tess Mayer.

 3 Minute Sketch of what I look like while in the labs....

26 September 2012

B-B-B-B-Ball Bounce

So my first animation in Maya is done!  I definitely made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot from this ball bounce, but I really enjoyed aspect of making it and had a lot of fun with it!  I hope you like it.

24 September 2012

Traditional Animation

I never posted my traditional animations from last semester, so here are a couple!

22 September 2012

Monkeys and Dolphins

Sorry for so much neglect to my blog, time has just flown by and things have been so busy!  I ended up working every single day the 4 weeks before I came back to Ringling.  I came back to Ringling a week and half early so that I could be an orientation leader which was a really wonderful experience.  Classes have started with a bang, we're animating all of the time, living in the labs, and just getting our hands on everything!  It's a lot of fun, but just busy all of the time!

For our first concept project, we had to create character designs for a noble and kind dolphin and a mischievous monkey.  I would like to revisit these one day and redesign them, but for now here they are!

We also had to paint the iconic moment of the story, when the dolphin realizes that the monkey is a human.  Storyboarding is really interesting and I'm enjoying it so far, but it's a lot of work!

07 July 2012

getting my life back again

Hi!  Long time no see!  For the past month I've been taking 9 credit hours all smushed into 5 weeks.  Super super difficult!  Between that and working part time, I've had no time for art--this past month has made me so unhappy, but now I have time to draw again and life is good!

Here's a portrait of my friend Victor.  He did a portrait of me a while back and I started this right before I went into summer school and haven't had time to really finish it until now.  Comments and critiques are welcome.

and here's the one Victor did of me:

31 May 2012


On the plane ride to California, I read Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative by Austin Kleon.  When I finished reading it, I thought for a bit, then I read it again.  And again. I read the book three times on that plane ride, just to make sure that I absorbed every piece of wisdom.  It was a book that made me think and realize I needed to get up and start working.  It really made me think, more than anything else had.  Most of all, it made me realize some very important things.

As a lot of people may know, photography is and was a big part of my life.  When I realized I wanted to be a computer animator, I knew I had a lot of catching up to do with my drawing.  So I quit my 365 project on flickr and I barely picked up the camera from then on.  From my camera being something that I never left the house without to nothing more than something that sat on the shelf collecting dust, it was devastating.  Austin Kleon explained that after he stopped making music to focus on his writing, there was something missing.  It wasn't until he started making music again that his work improved.  

I missed taking photos, I missed exercising that part of my creative brain.  So i'm going to start up taking photos more regularly again, and we'll see how the two combine. 

Thank you, Austin, for making me realize how much I missed my camera.

As for California, that trip was life changing in itself.  We went everywhere: Sacramento, Folsom (even a nice little adventure with Folsom prison....), Vallejo, Emeryville, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Lake Tahoe.... It's been something I've been wanting to do for a long while, and I can finally cross it off my bucket list.  I can't wait to go back.  Here are a select few photos from the trip.