28 December 2011

Old Gestures

These are gestures I forgot to post from last semester.  Either done with Copic Markers or conte crayon.

11 December 2011

End of the Semester

It's the end of the semester, wheeeeeeee!  I'm SO happy to be done and have a break where lots of sleep will be had.

5 minute gesture from when i started figure class on the left, 3 minute gestures on the last day of class on the right

before (on right), ten minute rendering from first day of class
after (on left), 40 minute rendering on last day of class (it's kinda meh, but wah wah)

above, quick sketches of buildings in perspective

these were the final two projects.  On the left, we were given a picture of a city and told to draw it from a different perspective.  The picture on the right had to be drawn in 3 point perspective and have an object in the sky.  Naturally, I chose a pirate ship.  Because pirate ships are cool.

07 December 2011

2D Design Digital Painting

   For 2D Design, we had to take an abstract design and turn it into something figurative or representational.  This project gave me so much difficulty; after playing around with a couple of ideas and hearing a lot of suggestions, I finally settled upon an idea.  A friend of mine is a really good digital painter and gave me a lesson in digital painting and listened to all of my complaints and whines as I slaved away over this piece, haha. 

I'm pretty happy with the final piece.  I may put some more work into it, but I'm pretty stoked with how it is right now.  

 And here is the abstract design and the final illustration together for comparison:

05 December 2011

Figure Drawing

Essentially, here is most of the figure drawing I've done for the semester.

different examples of foreshortening


I absolutely love gestures, I've been experimenting a lot with them. (The above are 3 minute gestures)

(the above is gestures when I only have two hours of sleep tehehehehe.  Just put up to remind myself that I need sleep in order to do quality work).

skeletal gestures and skeletons in the figure

skeletal and muscle overlays 

 first time working with toned paper

01 December 2011

updates, process, and perspective

so i redid the colors on my rhythm project to better fit the triadic scheme i was supposed to be using.  haven't decided if i like it better or not.

the following are my process for abstract sketch to finished piece for 2D.  the image on top is the sketch, the image below is my final (though some still need editing).  we had to make abstract concepts that demonstrated what we learned:


contrast (still needs some tweaking)


rhythm (needs tweaking)

For perspective, we had to create an inventive interior room, so I decided to make a treehouse.  Because treehouses are cool.