14 November 2011

Work, work, and more work

Another update!  School has kept me super busy, so I barely update, but here is what i've been up to in 2D.

Abstract painting depicting a season.

Analogous painting of the Bayou

My project that incorporates rhythm

Perspective has been just as busy, we've been doing a lot of sketches and a lot of bigger projects (that will hopefully not take four weeks to be posted...)

Sketches from the first couple of weeks of school

We had to depict three figures in a gallery space.  I chose cavemen.  Cavemen are cool.

The "Southside" of the North Pole

2-point Interior Room

Hybrid car drawing.  Not too happy with this, meh.

Model car drawing.

The rest are a series of still life homework that I had to do in different styles.

Figure drawing is by far my favorite class, but I have the least documentation for it.  

Long pose, about 40 minutes.

The following are various studies.

The following were done at FEWS.

The next are various sketches.

Most of this work is about a month or two old, so i'm a little late, but better late than never!

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